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1.uvc to kill bacteria; 2.with pad to move out the dust mite; sensor to protect people;
rechargeable cleaning brush
yj-3004a rechargeable ...
1. window vacuum cleaner can suction the slop; 2. with apparent slop tank; 3. rechargeable battery..
yj-3058a diamond robot...
1.battery operated; 2.rechargeable; 3.with aroma diffuser; 4.with extension construction suit for..
yj-3059 robot cleaner
1. robotic mop cleaner are useful as a way to automate the manual process of keeping floor clean. yo..
yj - 3058 promotional ...
diamond shaped robot mop cleaner
yj-3004 window cleaner
1.battery operated with 3 pcs aa battery; 2.slop tank volume: 85ml; 3.suction: max70mm h2o;
yj-3069 rechargeable r...
auto dust sweeper
yj-3005c uv bed vacuum...
uv light can kill bacterials 100% with support of report.
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