yj-3004 window vac cleaner

yj-3013a steam brush with iron


name: yj-2036

heat seal laminator

◎8 temperature settings(108℃~145℃)
◎reday light indicator
◎temperature level indicator
reverse motor for clearing pouch jams 

warm up time  ≤8 min
roller system  2pcs
throat thickness  ≤0.6 mm
throat speed  34 cm/min
throat width  320 mm
dimensions  470×123×87(mm) 
load quantity of 20'ft/40'ft  2112/4224 pcs
load quantity of 40'hq   5120 pcs  
 warm up time  ≤13 min  
 roller system  2pcs
 throat thickness  ≤0.6 mm
 throat speed  34 cm/min
 throat width  230 mm 
 dimensions  380×123×87(mm) 
 load quantity of 20'ft/40'ft  2496/5112 pcs
 load quantity of 40'hq   6144 pcs

company name : yejen industries limited

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