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name: yj-3023

carbon steam humidifier



◎countiouse working for 10 hours
◎humidification performence 300-400ml/hr
◎heats up in 5 minutes
◎countiouse working for 10 hours
◎uses carbon poles to boil water and releases the warm steam into the air
water capacity  3l
auto shut-off  yes
initial heat up time  ≤8minutes
humidification performence  400ml/hr
dimensions  280×280×162(mm)
load quantity of 20'ft/40ft  1596/3360 pcs

company name : yejen industries limited

add.:no 3 industrial zone, changzhen, gongming, shenzhen, china

tel: 86 755 2719 6800

fax: 86 755 2719 9660