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yj-3005c uv bed vacuum cleaner
name:yj-3005c uv bed vacuum cleaner

uv light can kill bacterials 100% with support of report.


*why uv vacuum is needed?

our environment getting worse than before, we are surrounded by suspended particles in the air & dust mites. these particles & dust mites were hidden in the sheet, carpet, downy toys, even in our clothes. many questions caused by the mites, such as itching & acne & serious allergy. “there is a allergy in my family” became the hot issue between parents recently. our uv vacuum use the ultraviolet rays to kill bacterias & dust mites with the support of scientific reports. we created the yj-3005 series uv vacuum to solve this kind of problem efficiently.


*advantages of our uv vacuum

(1) protected by patent.

we own the patent of uv & vibrating in one machine, only yejen & raycop owns this kind of patent in the worldwide. vibrating can help these dust mites & bacterias & dust get out from the depth of these sheets & carpets & clothes, the cleaning is more efficiently.

(2)double-suction design

our uv vacuum is different with raycop, we developed the double-suction design(protected by patent), the upper suction can suck the dust mites which were droduced by vibrating, to make sure the dust mites won’t do any harm to the cleaner.


the uv light is under the dustpan, the dust mites which sucked to the dustpan can be killed by the uv light.


general specification  



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