yj-3071 robotic vacuum cleaner, with fall sensor and back sensor
name:yj-3071 robotic vacuum cleaner, with fall sensor and back sensor

1.product specifications:

1-1. adaptor: 100-240v ac 50/60hz    output: 12v dc 1.0a

1-2. motor: dc 5v  7500r/min( wheel)     /   dc5v   6000 r/min(side brush)

dc 5v   8000 r/min(suction)

1-3. battery: lithium 18650 7.4v   2600mah (including protection board)

1-4. working modes:on/off

1-5: working power: about 10w

1-6. recharge time: about 3 to 5hrs

1-7. continuous work time:  30 min at small room mode,   60 min at large room mode.

1-8 speed:  about 10.5m/min

1-9. overall size:  250*245*76.5mm

2.other remarks:

2-1 rechargeable battery (7.4v lithium)

2-2 anti-drop design; when stair is identified by any infrared light on the bottom the cleaner will turn back and walk towards other direction. when is hung by obstacle more than 10s, the cleaner automatically stops working.

2-3 over-current protection: when over-current continues for 5s during walking and suction, stops working;

when over-current continues for 5s on the side brush, the side brushes stop working, other function still work.

2-4 when charging, led flashes red; fully charged, led shows blue; under small room mode, led shows blue when work, shows red when lack of power. under large room mode, led light flashes blue when work, flashes red when lack of power. when battery voltage is as low as the protection voltage, the cleaner stops working, led light is off.

2-5 on/off button: press the button for one time in a second to enter the small room mode; press twice to enter the large room mode;


3-1.it adopts multi-room navigation uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your small room and large room.
3-2.the fall sensor could detected any obstacles thus prevents it from falling down from the stairs or other boarders.
3-3.also it is a good companion for short hair carpet and other floor surfaces.
3-4.the strong motor power & powerful battery li-battery make an efficient robotic vacuum cleaner.

robotic vacuum cleaner, dust mop, multi-room navigation

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